03 November 2013


Infernal Kommando Records have provided us with a small amount of Satanic Panic cassettes from it's limited run of 200 to sell.  So if you want to support the band directly, you can purchase one from us at our Bandcamp page.  Support the cause, spread the curse!

02 November 2013

PEST Webzine interview

Please tell us about the history of your band and its members
Bewitcher was conceived in February of 2013 with myself (M.- guitars/vox), and A. (bass/vox).  In a drunken moment of clarity at an Enslaved show, I revealed to A. that I wanted to form a new band that was 100% rooted in old metal.  The primary inspiration was to come from the early speed metal bands, NWOBHM, and the first wave of Black Metal. I started writing some riffs and before we knew it, we had nearly an entire album's worth of songs.  It was like they wrote themselves...quite a (black) magical experience.  : )

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