02 November 2015


NOW AVAILABLE!! The ultimate Bewitcher collection has now been unleashed unto the world. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, a die-hard collection of the now-classic demo trilogy: "Satanic Panic", "Wild Blasphemy", and "Midnight Hunters" (that's ten tracks plus two bonus tracks), all on one tape! In addition, you get a patch, sticker, pin and a manifesto scroll, all for only 12 bucks USD! Because of outrageous international shipping costs, this will be a U.S.-only release, for now. Go to our Big Cartel webstore now to get your copy. This will be the very last time a physical release of the demos will EVER be released, so don't miss out!

16 May 2015


Some of you may already be aware that Prowler Records/Distro, the label that was supposed to release this split tape, has folded. Apparently, they got in way over their heads and weren't able to fulfill their commitments and obligations. This has us pretty bummed, but more importantly it has left some of our fans feeling ripped off. We know a decent amount of you pre-ordered the tape and never received it. Although these events were totally out of our control, it still does reflect badly on us and we are not happy with that. 

We've spoken with the guys at Prowler and they have also made a statement that they will be issuing refunds to those who ordered the tape. We certainly hope they follow through with that statement.

Regardless, we want to make things right on our end as best we can, so here's what we can do for now: If you pre-ordered the Bewitcher/Brutal Wulfsex split, send a copy of your invoice from the Prowler Recs webstore to bewitchercult@gmail.com, and we'll send you a free download of the two songs from our half of the split. It's not much, but it's something.

Even though we couldn't really prevent this, we apologize for the inconvenience and just know that Bewitcher does NOT rip off it's fans! We appreciate every ounce of support you guys give us more than you could know. If and when we do find a new, LEGIT home for the split, we'll announce it here, of course. Thanks for reading...Ave Satanas.

24 April 2015


Bewitcher logo patches are here. Get 'em now at our webstore (click on the merch link to the right), or at our Bandcamp page. Emblazon your battle jacket and prepare thy armor!

06 January 2015


It's here. Midnight Hunters, our third demo tape, is out now...ready to destroy minds and reap souls! Get this extremely limited edition cassette here or at Heretic Fire Records.

11 December 2014


No Clean Singing has premiered "Speed 'til You Bleed", the lead track from Midnight Hunters, on their blog along with a nice little article about the band. You can view and listen here.